Car Fire Extinguisher | Mini Fire Extinguisher | Automatic Fire Extinguisher For Cars and Engine



Small & Magnetic, Easy for Installation

Auto Fireman is a reliable product that is meant to meet all your car extinguishing needs. The product can easily fit inside the engine due to its low dimensions. Furthermore, the car extinguisher is able to properly anchor itself since it is highly magnetic and this coupled with the automatic thermal detection system makes the auto fireman an ideal engine product that will safeguard both yourself and your car in the event of a fire.



Heat-Sensitive Wire

This special wire works as a detector, when the temperature reaches to 600℃, it will trigger the solid propellant, put out the fire within 30 seconds, save your life in the emergency situation.



Nontoxic & Environment-Friendly

60% compositions of the extinguisher are Non-Toxic Inert Gases and 40% are rigid granules that are 100% safe and free of any toxins.



Wide Application

It is reliable, you can use it for cars, engine or other machines which would burn easily accidentally.



Working Principle
Thermal line, as a component of the detector, is placed around the combustible areas(such as fuel circuit or electrical wiring) and tied with ribbon. When there is a fire in the motor engine, and the fire gets near the thermal line(thermal line will be activated as long as it`s near open fire or reaches 600℃), it will set fire to the solid propellant inside SP0025(it is made of 60% gas by mass percent which is mainly N2, a little CO2, traces of CO, NO2, O2, and hydrocarbon; 40% of the fire extinguishing agent are solid particles that are mainly metal oxide(MeO), carbonates(MeCO3), bicarbonate(MeHCO3) and a few metal carbides). 

Redox reaction can take place in this propellant, and generate effective fire-extinguishing haze particles that break through the sealed membrane and pervade the entire engine room.

These effective fire-extinguishing haze particles rapidly absorb the heat of the flame, consume a lot of energy and suppress the exothermic reaction among activity genes so as to stop the chain combustion reaction. This fire-extinguishing method combines physical cooling and chemical inhibition.


What You Get

2x Small Fire Quench + 1x Heat-Sensitive Wire + 2x Stickers + 4x Round Magnets + 5x Nylon Cable Ties + 1x Manual.



    Magnetic & Easy For The Installation

    With a good magnetism, you can put it in car, engine, or other easy to emit heat machine, along with 4 round magnets and 2 stickers to enhance the stability, small but powerful device, easy to install.



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